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Shamoon (W32.Disttrack) is a malware that rose to prominence when it was used in attacks against the Saudi Arabia energy sector in 2012. It is designed to destroy computer hard drivers by wiping the master boot record (MBR) and data irretrievably. Shamoon was detected again in late 2016, reportedly affecting thousands of computers across multiple government and civil organizations in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in Gulf States. 

Join Carbon Black and IBM for "Threat Hunting in Action" as they walk through how IBM threat hunters use Cb Response to pinpoint compromise vectors used by malware like Shamoon. They will also discuss how anyone facing such an attack can contain the affected endpoints, preventing the malware from spreading.  

In this webinar you'll learn:
  • How a world-class incident response and intelligence service proactively fortifies organizations against today's threats with Cb Response. 
  • How Cb Response can simplify root cause identification and post-incident analysis.
  • How leveraging Cb Response's automated watchlist capabilities embodies the learnings of your investigation to harden your defenses against the same attack going forward. 
  • How threat hunting with Cb Response can advance your security posture through proactive hypothesis testing.