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As enterprise IT continues to move to the cloud and the traditional perimeter dissolves, the endpoint becomes more important - as both a control point and a risk. Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions can significantly improve threat detection, but become even more effective when integrated with the dozens of other security products on the typical network. Chronicle and Carbon Black have joined forces to combine comprehensive endpoint telemetry with security analytics at scale to provide a better way to detect attacks, investigate incidents, and proactively hunt for threats.

Chronicle’s planet-scale telemetry platform acts as a force multiplier for Carbon Black’s leading EDR solutions. Together, these technologies provide a new architecture for capturing and analyzing almost unlimited endpoint activity, while correlating the results with other activity on the broader enterprise network and offer unparalleled context into advanced attacks.

As an example, a joint customer could find every machine on the network that communicated with a bad domain, see which of these users gave up credentials, and find any bad linked activity – from twelve months ago, and in less than a second. This level of visibility, context and speed is simply not possible with existing analytics solutions.

Join security experts from Chronicle and Carbon Black to learn how to:
  • Automatically correlate across multiple security tools and reduce overhead cost of storing and managing massive data.
  • Enable proactive threat hunting by continuously recording endpoint behavior and correlating activity with network, threat intelligence, and other data sources.
  • Reduce mean-time-to-detection and quickly identify root cause, with the ability to see how the attacker got in and what they attempted to do on the endpoint.