Learn the skills and tools leading threat hunters use to uncover and stop sophisticated attacks

Chances are very high that hidden threats exist inside your organization's systems.

Organizations can't assume their security measures are impenetrable, no matter how thorough their security precautions.

Learn how experts uncover and stop the most recent, sophisticated, and dangerous attacks

Why should you attend our local event?

You’ll learn how high-powered SOC’s enable their threat hunting and IR teams to detect and respond to sophisticated attacks, accelerate response times, and reduce adversary dwell time.

Defend Against Sophisticated Attacks

Network security solutions don’t support a layered defense when off site and weaponized attacking technology has moved beyond traditional malware.

Learn How Attackers Work

See how bad actors use attack persistence, lateral movement, and command and control to breach environments.

Get Hands-on Training

Put into practice everything that you learned in the session in a 30-minute threat hunting exercise.

(bring your laptop)




Evolving Threat Landscape

The Need for Threat Hunting and IR

Reacting to Threat Situations

Threat Hunting Exercise

(Bring your laptops!)

In one hour, we’ll cover:

  • The effectiveness of threat hunting in reducing the dwell time of adversaries
  • How to automate the threat hunting process
  • How threat hunting will increase your Incident Response capabilities
  • Innovative threat hunting tactics and techniques

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October 17, 2017

Denver, CO

11:30 AM

November 7, 2107

Detroit, MI

11:30 AM

November 9, 2017

Chicago, IL

11:30 AM

November 16, 2017

Bellevue, WA

11:30 AM

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