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Real-time query and response solutions are revolutionizing cyber security by enabling Security and IT Operations teams to work together, speeding up analysis and response times and reducing risk in their organizations. While these SecOps products deliver a wide range of benefits, it can be difficult for your team to prioritize one set of functionality over another in this ever-evolving endpoint security landscape.

During this live webinar, Michael Osterman, President at Osterman Research, will provide his expert opinion on how to evaluate real-time, next-gen SecOps solutions so that you can find the right one for your organization.


  • The benefits a strong SecOps strategy can provide
  • What to consider when evaluating real-time SecOps products
  • How to compare SecOps solutions to find the one that is best fit for your team
  • How Cb LiveOps enables teams to better understand current state of endpoints in their environment