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Title:             Become a Threat Hunter Challenge
Date:            Wednesday, September 25, 2019
Time:            1:00pm EST
Location:    Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus - Innovation Center
Address:      640 Ellicott St. Buffalo, NY 14203

Join Carbon Black, InfoTech WNY, and the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus for a threat hunting challenge! 

The Carbon Black Become a Threat Hunter Challenge is a fun dynamic capture-the-flag style event where you will get hands-on with our cloud based End Point Products. Our next-gen endpoint tools capture deeper telemetry that facilitates turning the tables on the attacker by proactively looking for tell-tale behaviors.

Bring you laptop! We will provide a Map of the World Q&A score board to track each teams progress. Join us to put your threat hunting skills to the test - and the chance to win prizes!

Why attend?

  • Fun - enter yourself or a small team for some collaborative hunting
  • Learn - from hacking techniques and tradecraft used in actual incidents
  • Step-up - be introduced to hunting, or advance your existing hunting skills
  • Hands-on - with tools used by fed government, corporates and dot coms, IR pros
  • Insight - how to uplift your organizations sec ops capabilities
  • Glory – it’s all about the prizes and the 3 levels of challenge coins

The game is designed for all levels of threat hunters - from beginner to expert.

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